Maandag group is a Dutch company with a network of 20 offices located in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. In total, the group employs approximately 3,700 external and internal employees in the public sector (education, healthcare, government, ICT, construction).


To manage a whole process of recruiting, onboarding and retaining over 3000 employees and contractors Maandag has been using different applications, software and a lot of paper.

They decided to digitalise a whole process using a unified platform based on .NET Core (mobile and web application) connected with a central CRM (Salesforce).

They were looking for experienced .NET/C# engineers and Salesforce specialists to help grow their platform. Local recruitment in Holland was not enough as Maandag wanted to scale their team faster, more effortlessly and for less costs than in Amsterdam.


Wrocław, Poland


Stuffing & Recruitment


Web & Mobile


Project Story

We started our collaboration by recruiting and assigning Team Leader to the project. Our first job was to create a small team of 4 .NET Developers and a Team Leader in our office in Wroclaw within the first two months. They were working with the customer IT team to design a whole platform idea. After a successful first months during which we acquired solid knowledge of the product and requirements, we started working on core elements of the system, as well as some new features. In time, we grew the team up to 16 .NET engineers, Salesforce Developers and expanded our support to include test engineers as well.


Backend web and mobile development, Dedicated team of 16 software engineers.


C#, .NET Core, Azure, Azure DevOps, Salesforce, Apex, Microsoft Solutions Framework.


Success story

Our team of 16 software engineers has now become an integral part of Maandag. We are working together since 2018 still developing new features for successfully developed platform. We work not only side by side on scaling the product but also take time to visit each other in Poland and the Netherlands to foster our relationship and celebrate victories together.


“All of the features built by Whoohoo have been successful. I was surprised by the level of attention to detail shown by their team, and by how much Whoohoo cared about our project and the product itself.” - Maandag, IT Manager


Software Engineers


savings compared to hiring the team locally


rotation (only one engineer has left the team)


weeks response time to each team scale up request