CybrQ is a Swiss start-up from cyber security sector after seed founding. The company wanted to build a web based cyber security platform for small and medium companies.


Julian Selz, the CEO of CybrQ had a great idea to create a cyber security platform for B2B customers and wanted to transform it into a working minimum viable product. He decided to prepare the initial version of the product with just enough features to capture the attention of its target users and validate the design concept.


To make it happen, he was looking for an experienced Python Engineer with Machine Learning experience and a Data Engineer with a  Big Data/ ETL Process background. Local recruitment in Switzerland was not an option as he wanted to scale his small team faster, more effortlessly, and for a lower cost than in Zurich.




Cyber Security


Web & Mobile


Project Story

We started our collaboration by recruiting and assigning one Senior Developer with Python and Machine Learning experience and one Senior Data Engineer to the project.


First they moved for few weeks to Switzerland to work closely with the customer to design a whole platform idea. After a successful first weeks during which they acquired solid knowledge of the product and requirements, they started working on core elements of the system, as well as some new features completely remote from Poland.


Back-end web and mobile, Dedicated remote team of 2 software engineers.


Python, Machine Learning, Big Data, ETL Process.


Success story

Within one year, our team of 2 remote software engineers had become an integral part of the start-up team. They created a successful minimum viable product for the initial concept. The customer has moved on to another stage of start-up development and is now looking for a new investor.


“All of the features built by remote developers have been successful. I was surprised by the proactive working model shown by Whoohoo specialists.” - Julian Selz, CEO of CybrQ


Software Engineers


savings compared to hiring in Switzerland



to create MVP


weeks to recruit

and hire a specialist